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Fortune Cat® Yarn Factory was established in 1979 in China, it is the maker of yarn industry standards and is now one of the largest yarn factories in China.

Regular Yarn Categories Specifications Notes
  100%COTTON From 5Ne to 2/350Ne, incluidng Carded, Premium Carded, Combed, Special for high-grade yarn-dyed knitting and melange yarn. 1、The production technique includes open-end spinning, vortex spinning, ring spun, Sirospun, compact and compact siro spun.
2、Various specifications available.
3、All can be bleached, dyed, singed, mercerized, finished with wax or any other post-treatment.
Chemical Fiber & Mixed Viscose:R10S–R100S
Tencel: A100, G100, G200
LF Tencel: TEL8S–TEL100S
Modal: M10S–M50S
1、The production technique includes ring spun, Sirospun, compact and compact siro spun.
2、It can be blended with pure cotton and other chemical fibers in different proportions.
3、Can produce AB yarn and blank varieties in different proportions.
4、Different specifications of slub yarn can be produced within 40S.
5、Conventional blended series: T/R70/30; T/C65/35; C/T55/45; JC/M50/50; C/TEL55/45; JC/TEL50/50
6、Conventional Pure Spinning Tencel Series:FULL TENCEL YARN;TEL8SCP-TEL100SCP;TEL8SCPTS-TEL100SCPTS
Elastic Series Elastic Cotton: C8S+70D-C40S+40D & JC8S+70D-JC100S+20D
Special for high-grade yarn-dyed knitting: JC21S+40D-JC60S+20D
Elastic Chemical Fiber & Mixed:
Viscose: R10S+70D-R60+20D
Tencel: TEL10+70D-TEL60S+20D
Polyester: T8S+70D-T45+40D
Modal: M16+70D-M40+40D
1、Core range: 20D、30D、40D、70D、105D
2、Elastic yarn can choose Lycra® or china yarn
3、All can be made to slub yarn
4、Elastic yarn can be blended with various fibers
High elastic yarn series Yarn Count Range: 8S–30S 1、The fabric has good resilience and can be used for denim warp and weft yarn, white weft yarn and other knitted fabrics
2、Can be wrapped with T400®,can use T400® tag,Can single-wrap other polyester filament or nylon filament
3、The fiber wrapped around can be cotton, chemical fiber and various blends
Linen Series Linen Tencel:16S–40S
Tencel Linen:16S–40S
Viscose Linen:16S–40S
Cotton Linen:16S–40S
1、Can produce different styles of slub and stretch yarn
2、Use bleached linen, the ratio is generally 10%-30%
3、The yarn is smooth, feels cool, and has excellent quality
4、Linen Tencel has the appearance of linen and the wearability of Tencel.
Colored Spun Series Black Polyester: BlackT8S–BlackT45S
Black Viscose:BlackR16–BlackR60S
Black Cotton: BlackC8S–BlackC32S
Colored Yarn:produced with a little colored polyester
Black Polyester Viscose:BlackT/R10S–BlackT/R50S
Elastic Colored Spun: All can be made to elastic yarn
1、Can produce single yarn and different core spun yarn
2、Can produce slub yarn.
3、The production technique includes ring spun, Sirospun, compact and compact siro spun.
4、Can produce rough gray yarn with white same fiber or black yarn with other black fiber.
5、Black or gray stretch yarn avoids the damage to spandex yarn caused by cheese dyeing and maintains good elasticity.
6、Suitable for denim weft, yarn-dyed yarn, knitting, home textile.
7、Regular ratio:Black T/R70/30 BlackT/C65/35  Gray C/T60/40  Black T/R90/10
Fortune Cat Speical Series Fortune Cat Cotton:8S–32S
Lower torsion moment yarn:carded 8S–21S
Combed cotton: 10S-60S
1、Yarn ultra-low twist and low torque, reduce weft skew.
2、The cloth feels soft
3、Good color absorption during dyeing, saving dye
4、Can produce slub yarn, stretch yarn, double core yarn
5、Can be used for denim, knitting, towels, socks and fabrics with special requirements
Air Spinning & Vortex Spinning Air Spinning: OE6S–OE32S
Vortex Spinning: Viscose MVSR30S–60S
1、All air spinning yarn can be bleached.
2、Vortex spinning can be used for knitted and woven garments
Differential fiber series
Functional polyester Imported and domestic functional polyester fiber products, THERMOLITE®; COOLMAX®; COOLSMA,Domestic moisture wicking, cross polyester, super imitation cotton, flat, cationic, bright triangular polyester, recycled polyester, medium-length polyester
Wool-like Series Wool-like T/R,Utilizing the strong plasticity of the blend of polyester and viscose, it has a wool-like effect. It is easy to wear and easy to wash.
Wool Blended Series Blended with different fibers, the wool ratio is lower than 30%
Nylon Series CORDURA® wear-resistance fiber;
Regular: JC/COR60/40 16S-40S; C/COR80/20 8S-21S
Acrylic Series Thermal Acrylic A/R70/30; regular acrylic yarns
Bamboo Charcoal Fiber Blended with viscose and polyester in different proportions. There are white bamboo charcoal and black bamboo charcoal. Special effects can be obtained after dyeing
Bamboo Fiber Blended with polyester, cotton, Tencel, etc., with antibacterial and smooth properties, suitable for knitted underwear and towels
Coffee Carbon Fiber Natural materials, skin-friendly, no harm to the human body, quick-drying and comfortable, natural deodorization, natural heating and warmth.
Quick Thermal Yarn Heat storage and heating, moisture absorption and heat generation, far infrared rays, natural color, no dyeing, wide range of uses, such as sportswear, down jacket, bedding, towels
Cool Fibers Instantly cool, long-lasting freshness, maintain low temperature, without asbestos, used in jeans, underwear, jackets, etc.
Cooler Fibers Instantly cool, long-lasting low temperature, fresh skin care, improve air. Suitable for underwear, shirts, etc.
Viscose Series Bright Viscose; Matt Viscose; Antibacterial deodorant viscose

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