Knitwear Manufacturing

Knitwear Bespoke FAQ

What’s your Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ) for bespoke orders?

Our MOQ for bespoke knitwear is 200 Pcs per size per color per pattern.

We make quotation based on cost. The more you make, the lower the price.

Tiny Order–Not more than 500 Pcs.

Small Order–Ranging from 3000 Pcs to 5000 Pcs.

Large Order–More than 10000 Pcs.

Why should I cooperate with you?

We’re manufacturer of yarns and knitwear. Quality and price are guaranteed. Below are some brands we have cooperated with:

What’s the process of bespoke orders?

Step One: Provide Information

1. High-definition Photos–Please provide us with your blueprints or high-definition photos in the format of JPEG or CDR, photos must be in HIGH-DEFINITION.

2. Sample Knitwear–You can send your sample knitwear to us if you have one. This is the best way for us to have a better mastery of details.

3. Your Target Price Range–Please provide us with your target price range so that we could choose the right yarn for your knitwear.

4. Ideal Fiber Contents–Please tell us which kind of yarn do you want to use, at least give us your ideal fiber content so that we could choose the right yarn.

5. Your Order Quantity–Please give us your order quantity information, so that we could arrange your production schedule.

Step Two: Proofing

1. Proofing Time–3~5 business days for ordinary pattern and 7~10 business days for seamless pattern.

2. Proofing Price–We collect a sample fee of 100 USD/Pc for ordinary pattern ordinary yarn and 400 USD/Pc for seamless pattern or any pattern of 100% wool/cashmere yarn. If your order quantity is more than 500 Pcs, sample fee will be given back to you. This 500 Pcs has no time limit or order number limit, as long as your order for the same pattern reached this amount, we will give you full refund.

What if I don´t want to pay for the Proofing?

After you confirm our estimated price range, you make a minimum payment of 50% of the entire order, we will make the sample for you at no cost, samples will be modified until you are satisfied.

3. Make Your Proof–As soon as we received your payment, we will begin your sample making and send them to you via international express.

4. Accurate Quotation–After you confirmed the sample, we will calculate the exact cost for your order and offer you a precise quotation.

Step Three: Mass Production

1. Complete Production Cycle=Yarn Preparation + Production Cycle.

2. First Order Production Cycle–About 25 business days after yarn preparation.

3. Reorder Production Cycle–About 15 business days after yarn preparation.

4. Yarn Preparation–Yarns could be provided by both parties. However, because we have our own cashmere wool factory and ordinary yarn factory based in China, which produce yarns that could meet all international quality standards, it will reduce your total cost if you use our own yarns. From ordinary mixed yarns to luxury 100% cashmere/wool/mulberry silk yarns, you can rely on us for yarn supply.

Step Four: Packaging & Shipping

Please confirm the following packaging information before goods are shipped: Band, Tag, Size Mark, Care Label, Lanyards and Packet.

Any further questions, please E-mail us: