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Fortune Cat® Fancy Yarn Factory was established in 2002 in Jiangsu,  the main production plant reaches more than 40,000 square meters. With all kinds of fancy yarn manufacturing as its main business, the factory is now one of the largest fancy yarn factories in China.

There are more than 300 workers in the factory, annual production capacity of fancy yarn can reach 5000 tons. Fortune Cat® Elastic Yarn Factory’s main equipment includes: crochet machine, stranding machine, fancy twisting machine, hair spraying machine, friction spinning, sanding machine, wool spinning machine and many other advanced equipment. There are thousands of fancy yarns such as chenille yarn, sprayed wool yarn, belly yarn, pip yarn,  loop yarn, soffili yarn, feather yarn etc. Fortune Cat® fancy Yarn Factory aim to provide high-end fancy yarn materials for textile, knitting, hosiery, clothing and other industries, and enhance China’s processing capacity for high-end fancy yarn products, meet the demand for high-quality fiber in domestic and foreign markets.

Fortune Cat® Fancy Yarn Factory will continue to produce high-quality products, provide professional customer services, and create greater value for customers.

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