R&D Center

Fortune Cat® R & D Center

Fortune Cat® independently develops more than 1,000 new varieties every year. A variety of newly developed functional yarns have reached the international advanced level.

Cotton Spinning Laboratory

Cotton Spinning Laboratory mainly inspects raw materials, semi-finished products and finished yarns. It has CT3000 yarn evenness test analyzer, Cyber Mate Envic00I, Fully automatic single yarn strength tester, PREMIER aQura2, PREMIER ART2, YG086C measuring reel, YG108N quadrant balance, YG361 Evenness tester of capacitance method etc.

Product Development

Fortune Cat® employs an internationally renowned designer as the manager and chief designer of the product development department. Combining European and American textile materials and color trends, and integrating customer styles, the company launches a series of products every year, and launches, displays and recommends popular products for the European and American markets as well as the domestic market. Attending exhibitions at home and abroad to enhance the corporate image and making Fortune Cat® the first choice for customers in product development every season.

Proofing Center

Fortune Cat® pay more attention to customer experience, usually we can finish any proofing within 5 days.

Dyeing Laboratory

Fortune Cat® Dyeing Laboratory has world-class DATACOLOR color tester, dyeing liquid automatic modulation equipment, infrared proofing machine, temperature control box, microcomputer proofing machine and other testing equipment, as well as a team of high-quality and skilled colorists.

Textiles Testing Centre

Fortune Cat®Textiles Testing Centre has WHIRLPOOL washing machines, dryers, CM-1 rubbing fastness testing machine, Hounsfield arms and universal material testing machine, SAFQ Martindale resistant and pilling test machine, SAFQ test machine for color fastness to perspiration, CI3000+ tester for color fastness to light, VERVIDE specialized color box, JENWAY-6400 spectrophotometer and other world-class advanced testing equipment.