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Natural Yarn Manufacturer

Fortune Cat® has 4 affiliated factories mainly produce natural fiber yarn, providing more than 4000 tons of cashmere/wool/cotton/linen/silk/fox hair/yak hair/angora yarns to the world’s textile industry.

Fortune Cat® Cashmere Factory In Inner Mongolia


The carded cashmere yarn production line adopts the Italian BELLINI automatic dyeing system, OCTIR carding system, and Gatineau ring spinning equipment as the core dyeing and spinning processing production system. The current annual production capacity is 1080 tons. After the new project in production, the annual production capacity will reach 2500 tons, forming 14-36 Woollen knitting yarn and woven yarn blended with natural fiber such as pure cashmere, cashmere and wool, cotton, silk, etc.. Fortune Cat®  carded cashmere yarn can meet the requirements of various woolen fabrics, knitted apparel and woven apparel yarns.

The worsted cashmere yarn production line uses the company’s own technology to produce special worsted carding cashmere raw materials, introducing customized new imported equipment from Italy, France, Germany, and Japan, forming a production and processing capacity of 5000 spindles of cashmere worsted spinning, which can be used for bulk fiber processing and strip dyeing Combing processing, producing 36-100 counts of pure cashmere and cashmere blended yarn to meet the processing and production requirements of various cashmere worsted knitted apparel, woven clothing, and worsted cashmere fabrics.

The factory also has a fancy yarn production line. On the basis of providing a variety of woven yarns, knitting yarns, colored yarns and colored spinning yarns, in order to meet the various needs of different customers, the factory independently developed the blended yarns of cashmere wool and other natural fibers such as linen/silk. These products have high technical content and are suitable for various high-end fabrics.

Fortune Cat® Silk Yarn Factory

Fortune Cat® Silk Yarn Factory has 680 employees; it has 8,000-spindle refining, combing, and worsted supporting equipment; it can produce tussah spun silk (mulberry spun silk, mulberry spun silk) and various blends of 650 tons per year. Yarn; 20,000 pieces of home textile silk quilts and silk blankets

As the only all-natural biological protein fiber among textile fibers, silk enjoys the reputation of “fiber queen”. The quality of the White Steam Filature Yarns produced by Fortune Cat® Silk Yarn Factory has reached the industry’s highest level 6A; the twisted yarn has reached the double special grade; the quality of the spun silk floss has reached the highest level in the industry. Fortune Cat® Silk Yarn Factory is becoming a professional supplier of the top domestic silk product series. Our company’s silk products sell well in domestic well-known textile brand enterprises, and are exported to Italy, Germany, Japan, and India.

Fortune Cat® Core Spun Yarn Factory

Established in Shandong Province in 1995, Fortune Cat® Core Spun Yarn Factory is one of the largest yarn factories in China. The monthly production capacity can reach 300,000 tons. We are the makers of CSY industry standards.

Fortune Cat® Linen Yarn Factory

Established in Zhejiang Province in 1997, Fortune Cat® linen yarn factory covers an area of 60,000 square meters.

Fortune Cat® linen yarn factory has strong technical force, advanced management system and perfect testing methods, it has 12,000 spindles of long and short hemp production line, with an annual output of about 2,200 tons of pure linen automatic winding yarn. The company uses the linen special spinning equipment of British Mackay linen machine. Equipped with imported equipment such as type 166T special flax yarn cooking pot manufactured by Hong Kong Lixin, type 85 radio frequency dryer, 338 type automatic winder of Schlafhorst company of Germany Saurer Group, complete hardware equipment, mainly producing all kinds of semi-bleached, original color linen yarn.

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